The Orange County Funders Roundtable (OCFR) is a funder collaborative committed to promoting effective philanthropy and strengthening the non-profit sector in Orange County. 


Our Beginning

The Orange County Funders Roundtable first convened in 2006 to discuss the challenges facing the region's nonprofit sector. The original group of funders has expanded and grown to include private, corporate and public foundations that meet regularly to address critical issues such as: 

  • Building the county's capacity building resources
  • Increasing effective philanthropy 
  • Identifying critical community challenges facing regional nonprofits
  • Providing forums for dialogue and information sharing 

We believe that, by working together, the nonprofits of Orange County can strengthen the capacity of our sector and the philanthropic engagement of our community.


Our Mission

The mission of the Orange County Funders Roundtable (OCFR) is to promote effective philanthropy and strengthen the nonprofit sector in Orange County. This mission is acheived through informal networking, information sharing and collaboration of member organizations. 


Philanthropy Today

Nationally, 2015 was America’s most generous year ever totalling $373.25 billion
— GivingUSA
Corporate foundations active in Orange County continued what’s now a 6-year trend of increasing overall cash contributions to OC Charities.
— OC Business Journal
Orange County’s private foundations gave more locally and overall in their most recent fiscal years,
— OC Business Journal

Thank you to our Steering Committee