Existing Collaboratives in Orange County

As a collaborative of active grantmakers and funders in Orange County, many members of the OC Funders Roundtable participate in additional existing collaboratives across Orange County. For more information about these programs, please see the individual contact information below.


Accelerate Change Together (ACT) Anaheim was launched in 2013 by Disneyland Resort, Angels Baseball and Anaheim Ducks. The Orange County Community Foundation serves as the managing partner.

Through ACT Anaheim, partners work to create youth who:

  • Are college and career ready
  • Are positively engaged in the community
  • Have healthy lifestyles
  • Have positive relationships with parents and adults

In 2014, with inaugural funding from the Disneyland Resort, Angels Baseball and Anaheim Ducks, plus support provided by OCCF and their donors, 10 nonprofits received a total of $1.5 million. The compelling mission and success of ACT Anaheim quickly attracted the interest of new funding partners for ACT II, allowing the collaborative to expand the grant program to 14 grantees in 2015 with $2 million in grants awarded. ACT is also partnered with the Children and Families Commission of Orange County to conduct a rigorous evaluation that will demonstrate the impact ACT Anaheim is having on youth and families.

To learn more about this initiative, contact Cathleen Otero, Vice President of Donor Relations and Programs with the OC Community Foundation.

The OC Opportunity Initiative came together to ensure that Orange County seizes immediate opportunities to uplift every sector of our community. By ensuring the full participation of our immigrant communities, Orange County will see positive health and educational outcomes for all residents while strengthening the social and cultural fabric of our community.

The OC Opportunity Initiative is helping immigrants realize their potential within our community by providing funding for 18 nonprofits that provide legal services, outreach, and education in order to:

  1. Reduce barriers to immigrant services in Orange County
  2. Connect permanent legal residents to citizenship support
  3. Increase awareness of DACA-related services 
  4. Enhance the capacity of existing service providers to increase the number of eligible immigrants applying for deferred action

Although singular in purpose, the OC Opportunity Initiative will yield multiple benefits for every resident, every neighborhood and every business by removing the greatest obstacles that immigrants face – putting everyone closer to achieving the American Dream.

To learn more about this initiative, contact Cathleen Otero, Vice President of Donor Relations and Programs with the OC Community Foundation.

Orange County Veterans Initiative (OCVI) was launched in 2011 and then expanded in 2015 based on new findings from The State of the American Veteran: The Orange County Veterans Study, a report commissioned by the Orange County Community Foundation to bring much needed attention to the challenges facing Orange County veterans. The first-ever comprehensive report on the needs of local veterans, it confirmed that many servicemen and women coming home to Orange County are significantly under-prepared for civilian life, - experiencing significant challenges ranging from not knowing where to find services, to lacking secure employment, to unmet physical and mental health needs.

OCVI aligns donors, businesses and community leaders to focus on three critical areas of need:

  • Transitioning to civilian life
  • Employment readiness and job skills
  • Health services, with an emphasis on mental health needs - in October 2015, with support from our generous donors, OCCF delivered $500,000 to seven nonprofits to support programs that provide a focused approach for transitioning veterans and their families

The initiative's key goal is to improve critical and fundamental services so that veterans:

  • Know where to go in Orange County to get the services they need
  • Develop trusting relationships with community providers
  • Are connecting early and proactively to services they and their families need
  • Obtain employment in career-oriented opportunities and positions

The funding allows high-performing nonprofit veteran service organizations to build their capacity to serve a broader audience.

To learn more, contact Carol Ferguson, Senior Donor Relations & Programs Officer with the Orange County Community Foundation.

The Health Funders Partnership of Orange County is a collaborative of funders working together for the health and well-being of Orange County residents.

The Partnership has three strategic focus areas that guide its work through 2017 to improve the health and wellness of the Orange County community:

  1. Strengthen Family Health & Wellness
  2. Improve Health & Wellness Structure in Orange County
  3. Effectively Implement Affordable Care Act in Orange County

For over 15 years the transformational work of the Partnership has set a standard for health philanthropy in Orange County. In 2010, the Partnership received the 5th Annual “Supporting the Safety Net Award” from the Association of Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) and was recognized as a national model of collaboration. In 2011, the Partnership received the Irvine Health Foundation Anniversary Prize for collaborative efforts leading to significant progress in the availability of care, health, and well-being of the community.

Eligible partners currently provide funding in Orange County for health and wellness, and have a commitment to systemic change. Partners are organizations, not individuals. Each partner organization pays an annual membership fee.

For more information about joining the Health Funders Partnership, please contact: info@hfpoc.org.