Past OC Funders Roundtable Collaboratives


Over the OC Funders Roundtable history members have created and executed a variety of collaborative funding opportunities.


Workforce Development Collaborative

In 2012, the Workforce Development Committee of the Orange County Funders Roundtable invited regional non-profit organizations to submit plans to support the job training and job placements needs of unemployed low-income residents of Orange County.

As a committee of the OC Funders Roundtable, the Workforce Development Committee convened to collaboratively support a pilot program that focuses on workforce development issues in Orange County, with specific attention to gaps in service and barriers to job placement for low-income residents. The objective of the initiative was to support non-profits that focused on placements into jobs that required minimal educational levels for achievement and allow for on the job training - with the goal of placing low income, under-skilled unemployed workers into jobs.

The Committee selected 11 proposals for funding, each focusing on a different area of need and with a different approach. Together, the work of the funded programs supported the larger objective and helped to connect the dots between service providers, available and appropriate training, and employers. The Collaborative funded projects from 2012-2013.

Projects Funded:

  • Learn to Work, a program of Build Futures
  • Neighborhood Wi-Fi and Employment Project, an initiative of the Delhi Center
  • Innovative Workforce Development Program, hosted by Goodwill of Orange County
  • Workforce Development Program of H.O.P.E.
  • Medical Assistance Training Program by the Illumination Foundation
  • Oak View Pathways program
  • A Workforce Development Program by the OCAPICA
  • A Workforce Development/Career Exploration Program by PBS SoCal
  • Taller San Jose's Office Careers Academy
  • Employment Success Program by Women Helping Women/Men2Work
  • HealthWorks initiative by Working Wardrobes

Funding was provided for the duration of the project and served as a jumping off point for the individual projects to grow and expand.

Today, many of the OC Funders Roundtable members support ACT Anaheim as well as their individual workforce development initiatives.